My conversation with Paul Jensen on The Writer's Cafe

Kendra Lee, Author of The Sales Magnet

“During my conversation with Paul Jensen we learned that lead generation landscaped has changed dramatically the past several years primarily because of what I called the noise. The noise among other things is the emails that we all are being bombarded with on a daily basis. This means that meaningful messages have difficulties getting heard and read, causing sales people significant problems. To be heard sales people need to apply attraction strategies – an attraction Trifecta. This means that sales people should apply both digital, collaborate and personal strategies in their approach to customers or clients.

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Are You Ready to Stop Cold Calling?

Wouldn’t it be great to have tons of quality leads without ever cold calling again?

Cold calling is no fun. The results are often depressing. But you don’t know what to do differently – except maybe to send emails and do more research on LinkedIn.

Lead generation is hard. If you’re in marketing, you’re expected to generate new leads for sales people, but there is constant competition for prospects’ attention. You’re running nurturing campaigns, but not getting the results you need.

I wrote The Sales Magnet to show you how you can use prospect attraction to fill your sales pipeline to overflowing!

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Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A blueprint for creating a steady rush of new opportunities – all designed with sellers in mind
  • 14 proven prospect attraction strategies you can choose from to find prospects who’re interested in working with you
  • Guidelines on how to get the best results from your prospect attraction efforts
  • Instruction on how to combine attraction strategies to be visible until your prospects are ready to engage with you

It's chock full of tools and examples:

  • Specific examples to execute your lead generation differently, more effectively
  • Tips and tricks for each prospect attraction strategy
  • When your target market is immune, 10 ways to adjust your approach and increase response rates
  • The Sales Magnet Tool Kit, a resource library of tools to cut hours off your planning time, enabling you to put these ideas into practice right away <don’t link to it because we don’t want to take them away from this page>

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