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Video 1: The Prospecting Rut
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Video 2: So, are you ready to give up Cold Calling? (3:36)

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Video 3: Three Prospect Attraction Strategies You Can Use ( 7:28)

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Video 4: Be Efficient in Your Prospecting (1:21)

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Quotes from the book:

You may use these quotes verbatim with attribution to Kendra Lee and The Sales Magnet, or they may stimulate new thoughts for you to use in your own words for comments, blog posts, and reviews.

“Every person is unique, and so too are your prospects. Some people respond better to email, others a handwritten note or an invitation, others to articles they found during research.” (Pg. 18)

“If you try to say the same thing to each prospect on your list, you’ll end up with a generic message that’s no better than a T.V. commercial.” (Pg. 21)

“Your whole purpose in using attraction strategies is to find new contacts who’re interested in working with you. In each strategy you execute, include an offer that’s catch the recipient’s attention if they’re even remotely interested in the issue you’ve highlighted.” (Pg. 49)

“With the Attraction Trifecta there are 14 approaches you can use to get more prospects. The objective is to pick those approaches that feel most comfortable to you.” (Pg. 62)

“Email has replaced cold-calling for many sellers. It’s less threatening for you and easier for your prospects to respond.” (Pg. 65)

“Our goal in lead generation is to get people to remember us and respond. Postcards, fun letters and witty emails accomplish that.” (Pg. 101)

“Articles are an excellent way to get the attention of your prospects because they don’t feel as if you are selling. You’re thinking about them and sharing something you thought would be of value.” (Pg. 106)

“As a seller, you have to change your perspective and live your life expecting to meet the next great prospect or alliance partner.” (Pg. 110)

“While at first it may appear that the lack of control is a disadvantage, it actually helps you in several ways. First more people will have exposure to your content. If more people have exposure to your content, it opens up the possibility that they will choose to become part of one of your lists.” (Pg. 129)

“The best way to learn to write articles is to read other peoples’ writing and determine the style you like.” (Pg. 149)

“Don’t be choosy about who you allow to connect to you in LinkedIn and Facebook. You’re in sales. You try to network with as many people as you can at face-to-face events. Now extend that philosophy to your online social networks, too.” (pg. 160)

If you’re concerned about giving away too much intellectual property, case studies allow you to provide valuable information while limiting how much content you actually provide.” (Pg. 206)

“Local events are especially successful in areas where there is a strong sense of community. In these areas, people like to work with other companies in their area. They want to hear about each others’ successes.” (Pg. 213)

“You can connect your attraction strategies in simple campaigns and increase response rates.” (Pg. 241)

“Choose one attraction strategy to try with your target market tomorrow. Don’t wait to get a list or to create a campaign. Just do it!” (Pg. 253)


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