In her new book, The Sales Magnet, prospect attraction expert Kendra Lee reveals exactly how to reach your ideal contacts using approaches that work best for you – without cold calling. She calls it the Attraction Trifecta: 14 personal, digital and collaborative strategies to get more customers.


Jeb Blount“Kendra Lee’s The Sales Magnet is brilliant! If you only read one book this year, make this the one.”
  - Jeb Blount, Author of People Buy You

Jill Konrath“She’s thrown away the book on prospecting and started over with a fresh plan to get sales that didn’t depend solely on cold calling.”
  - Jill Konrath, author SNAP Selling

Josh Hines ”Kendra Lee is a sales champion. If you want to sell more with far less resistance, then don't just own this book, but literally devour the words in it!”
  - Josh Hinds, Speaker & author of It's Your Life, LIVE BIG!
Andrea Waltz“Kendra Lee ends the “cold call reluctance”… The strategies she identifies in this book are well explained and totally demystified.  A must-read!”
  - Andrea Waltz, Co-Author, Go for No! Yes is the Destination

Jeff Arnold ”Instead of a needle in a haystack, “The Sales Magnet” shows you how to run a gigantic magnet through the haystack so that the needle comes to you.“
  - Jeff Arnold, MAM, CAE; Executive Director of The Sales Association

Nancy Nardin“This book is for anyone who has said, “There has to be a better way!” There is… Kendra lets you ditch cold calling once and for all!”
  - Nancy Nardin, President Smart Selling Tools

Richard Vaughn “Our sales productivity skyrocketed. That coaching is here in “The Sales Magnet”… for a fraction of what I gladly paid!”
  - Richard Vaughn, Partner, i-Tech Support, Inc

Wendy Weiss “A blue print for lead generation… Cutting edge strategies… Run (don't walk) to get your copy of this powerful new, information-packed book”
  - Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling

Mark Hunter “Kendra shares her secrets! She faced the same challenges other salespeople face… and overcame these challenges to become incredibly successful!”
  - Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter


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Kendra Lee
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President of KLA Group

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Book facts

Book website: (please link to this in articles)
Title: The Sales Magnet: How to Get More Customers Without Cold Calling
Formats: 268 pages, 6” x 9” Perfect Paperback Also available in Kindle, iTunes, and Nook formats
Author: Kendra Lee, Forward by Jill Konrath
Publication Date: January 29, 2013

ISBN:  978-0-9857829-1-7 (Paperback),
   978-0-9857829-2-4 (iBook, Nook),
   978-0-9857829-3-1 (Kindle)
Publisher: KLA Press
Cover Design & Layout:
Sample chapters: Click here for two chapters and the table of contents (PDF)


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Who should read The Sales Magnet

This book was written for:

  • Sales People: The Sales Magnet was written with business development, “hunter” sales people in mind. They are the people who are continuously looking for more hot prospects to sell to and new ways to find them. This book was designed to give anyone who is tired of cold calling new, innovative ways to fill their pipeline with new hot prospects without taking significant time away from selling.
  • Small Business Owners: Many of our clients are small and midsize business owners looking to grow their businesses before adding to their sales staff. The Sales Magnet was crafted to give business owners proven lead generation strategies they can implement successfully with limited resources. The Sales Magnet guides them through exactly what to do to get more customers and grow their revenue.
  • Marketers in Small and Midsize Companies: The Sales Magnet was crafted to give marketers new strategies to generate higher quality leads. Often marketers with small and midsize companies don’t have the resources to execute lead generation the way they would like. We tested each of these approaches with our clients. The Sales Magnet includes only those approaches that we know work and deftly guides marketers through how to use them.


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Book description

Prospect attraction expert Kendra Lee reveals exactly how to reach your ideal contacts using approaches that work best for you.

You'll discover a multitude of tips to create a steady rush of new opportunities -- all designed to get prospects coming to you, asking for your assistance because they know about you and want to work with you.

  • Attraction strategies to make prospects feel you’ve reached out to make a personal connection.
  • Digital media approaches to draw out elusive, unresponsive prospects
  • Collaborative techniques to engage prospects and magnify your results
  • Tools, templates, and downloadable resources you can use right away!


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Blog posts you may use or reference in your reviews


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Quotes from the book

You may use these quotes verbatim with attribution to Kendra Lee and The Sales Magnet, or they may stimulate new thoughts for you to use in your own words for comments, blog posts, and reviews.

“Every person is unique, and so too are your prospects. Some people respond better to email, others a handwritten note or an invitation, others to articles they found during research.” (Pg. 18)

“If you try to say the same thing to each prospect on your list, you’ll end up with a generic message that’s no better than a T.V. commercial.” (Pg. 21)

“Your whole purpose in using attraction strategies is to find new contacts who’re interested in working with you. In each strategy you execute, include an offer that’s catch the recipient’s attention if they’re even remotely interested in the issue you’ve highlighted.” (Pg. 49)

“With the Attraction Trifecta there are 14 approaches you can use to get more prospects. The objective is to pick those approaches that feel most comfortable to you.” (Pg. 62)

“Email has replaced cold-calling for many sellers. It’s less threatening for you and easier for your prospects to respond.” (Pg. 65)

“Our goal in lead generation is to get people to remember us and respond. Postcards, fun letters and witty emails accomplish that.” (Pg. 101)

“Articles are an excellent way to get the attention of your prospects because they don’t feel as if you are selling. You’re thinking about them and sharing something you thought would be of value.” (Pg. 106)

“As a seller, you have to change your perspective and live your life expecting to meet the next great prospect or alliance partner.” (Pg. 110)

“While at first it may appear that the lack of control is a disadvantage, it actually helps you in several ways. First more people will have exposure to your content. If more people have exposure to your content, it opens up the possibility that they will choose to become part of one of your lists.” (Pg. 129)

“The best way to learn to write articles is to read other peoples’ writing and determine the style you like.” (Pg. 149)

“Don’t be choosy about who you allow to connect to you in LinkedIn and Facebook. You’re in sales. You try to network with as many people as you can at face-to-face events. Now extend that philosophy to your online social networks, too.” (pg. 160)

If you’re concerned about giving away too much intellectual property, case studies allow you to provide valuable information while limiting how much content you actually provide.” (Pg. 206)

“Local events are especially successful in areas where there is a strong sense of community. In these areas, people like to work with other companies in their area. They want to hear about each others’ successes.” (Pg. 213)

“You can connect your attraction strategies in simple campaigns and increase response rates.” (Pg. 241)

“Choose one attraction strategy to try with your target market tomorrow. Don’t wait to get a list or to create a campaign. Just do it!” (Pg. 253)


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Video 1: The Prospecting Rut
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